Dave Grohl Leaves Massive Tip To Prove He’s A True Rocker!


Dave Grohl recently hit up the Rainbow Bar and Grill in Hollywood after an impromptu Foo Fighters pop up show to promote the Cal Jam festival. Grohl took photos and drank beer with fans at the bar, and was left with a hefty bill when he was done.

His bill was $333.30, and he tipped $333.00, leaving a total after the tip of $666.30. Trust Dave Grohl to find a way to make sure his bill was 666. Proving he’s a true generous soul when he’s had a few and a pure rocker at heart!

Following Foo Fighters’ surprise show as The Holy Shits a few weeks ago outside the Hollywood Palladium, Dave Grohl was definitely having some fun with Nirvana and Metallica fans, taking photos and also downing some shots. He was also photographed with a Kurt Cobain lookalike named Gabe Maska. One fan commented, “Kurt and Dave Grohl reunited at last #nirvanareunion.”

Variety said of the Holy Shits pop up show, “Indeed, the Holy Shits were the Foo Fighters themselves, who played an hour-long set comprised mostly of rarities from band’s two-decade-plus career. Dave Grohl explained halfway through the show, that the band wanted to bust out songs they don’t usually get to play in their arena shows. The Foos took the challenge seriously, breaking into ‘Gimmie Stitches,’ a track from the band’s 1999 album There Is Nothing Left To Lose, for only the second time in their career.

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