Dave Grohl Reveals How He Survived The Nirvana Years


Ex-Nirvana drummer, Foo Fighters frontman and all round sound bloke Dave Grohl opened up about being in Nirvana in a new PBS interview. An excerpt from the interview as well as the full clip is below.

Grohl discussed the demands of being so young in such a massively successful rock band,

“Being in Nirvana at such a young age, I was 21 or 22 years old when the band got popular. That’s a heavy trip for a kid to go through at that age. It was overwhelming at times. When it was overwhelming, I would just come back here to Virginia and go back to the bedroom that I grew up in. I had a way to weather all of that and survive it.”

PBS observe that frontman Kurt Cobain had no such haven. Grohl also elaborated about his upbringing in the Virginia music scene.

“I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna put on a show at 16 years old in some VFW Hall in Maryland and put up the flyers, and hire the PA. I’m going to start my own band, I’m going to record a record all by myself. I’m going to keep pushing it, because I honestly believe I can do it.”

Here is the full interview with Dave Grohl on PBS,

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