David Crosby Blazes Up And Tweet Rants His Dislike Of The Doors!


David Crosby went on a weed-induced Twitter rant over the weekend. Crosby used the social media platform to talk at length about his well known unrelenting hatred of the Doors!

It kicked off when a fan mentioned The Doors as a question in response to one of Crosby’s tweets about his favourite musicians. The fan simply wrote, ‘The Doors?’.

Either the poster was oblivious to the multitude of previous anti-Doors posts shared by Crosby, or they were fully aware that it would set him off.

Here’s how the music legend responded:

The Crosby tweet inspired more Doors fans to react and Crosby was happy to put them in their place.

Crosby revealed he was having a bit of a toke on the day that celebrates all things marijuana, April 20th or 4:20.

Then it seems Crosby had relented somewhat the next day when presumably the effects of the blunt had worn off.

But the truce didn’t last long!

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