Deeply Divisive & Unpopular Former Minister Eoghan Murphy Resigns Dáil Seat

Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy TD spotted walking in St. Stephen's Green in Dublin

The announcement of the resignation today of former Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy has sparked a by-election in the constituency of Dublin Bay South, that must be held within the next six months.

Mr Murphy said he had mixed emotions about leaving politics after 12 years and, while he was no longer a TD, he would remain a member of Fine Gael. He said this was a decision that he had been considering in recent months.

The Fine Gael TD said in a statement he will pursue a career in international affairs and has a passion for nuclear disarmament!!

His time in the brief of Housing in the last government led to huge criticism – he admitted that he was frequently heckled and abused, even if he admitted that it was part of the job.

Personal criticism stepped too far at times he told RTE’s Claire Byrne today and ”being responsible for housing during a crisis meant that people were going to have a problem with you.”

Running on Sandymount beach proved helpful as part of coping mechanisms for the abuse but he added that it had been tough to see the people around him get abused too, including a previous girlfriend who had faced “horrendous abuse.”

Two years ago former Minister Murphy suggested that co-living spaces are like “a very trendy” boutique hotel.

Murphy also delegates at a conference that year that co-living blocks offer an “exciting” choice” to young workers.

Minister Murphy following on from that received significant backlash from opposition politicians and members of the public over his statement.

A by-election will be held within six months and will be hotly contested with Fine Gael’s Kate O’Connell, Hazel Chu of the Green and Labour’s Ivana Bacik already cited as likely candidates.