Demand For Tickets For ‘Gig For Gaza’ Reflected In Newer, Bigger Venue

On November 28th some of Ireland’s biggest music acts will play Dublin’s 3Arena to raise awareness and funds for the people of Gaza.

All proceeds from the gig will go to the charity ‘Medical Aid for Palestinians’. The show was originally scheduled for Vicar st, but after selling out in minutes it has been rescheduled to Dublin’s 3 Arena. Tickets available now from Ticketmaster.

This will be the first of a number of gigs and events around Ireland under the

Irish Artists for Palestine’ Group that will take place from November 28th to December 3rd with full listings available on

A poster for the gig designed by Selkies and screen-printed by Damn Fine Print will be available from Bang Bang Phibsboro next week, and at the gig itself, priced at €30 with all proceeds to the fundraiser.

LANKUM said:

Like most people of sound mind and reason around the globe, we are heartbroken and shocked to see the indiscriminate murder of children and civilians happening for the past few weeks. This, on top of decades of oppression, persecution and dehumanisation is something we can only struggle to comprehend. That is why we are very proud to raise our voices in solidarity with the people of Palestine.

It’s the very very least we can do.

Cormac, Daragh, Ian and Radie. X

Damien Dempsey said:

The people of the open air prison known as the Gaza Strip, really need our help. They really need for the international community to push very hard, now, for a Palestinian state, which would benefit both the children of Palestine and of Israel. The children of the region deserve a better future.”

The Mary Wallopers said:

We think it’s extremely important for everybody to spread awareness about what is happening in Palestine right now. The government and media have been releasing misinformation and blocking Palestinian news sources. This isn’t about religion or politics at this stage, it’s about basic human rights.”

Lisa O’Neill said:

It’s hard to fathom the immense and horrific reality on the ground for civilians and those fighting as this conflict continues.
If we can hold a light for all those suffering, even for a few hours through the historical and powerful medium of song, then of course we will.

A song that is speaking to me profoundly at present is ‘Brothers in arms’ written by Mark Knopfler:

‘there’s so many different worlds So many different suns
And we have just one world
But we live in different ones