‘Draw With Don’ Is Back As Old Favourite Returns To Lift Virus Gloom

Don Conroy - Facebook

Ireland’s children of the 1980’s and ’90’s rejoice as their childhood favourite Don Conroy is back!

The affable Don has returned to lighten the load of the present day pandemic to encourage today’s youngsters without so much as school to attend, to paint, draw, sketch and enjoy art as he so often encouraged on ‘The Den’ albeit in more limited times of entertainment.

In a video post on Twitter, Conroy explained that his new venture, which was “due to popular demand, of course”, promises to help us “get creative together” through these unprecedented times.

The news of Don’s return has been met with a universal collective delight on social media. It’s going to be alright! Don’t worry. Don Conroy is back.

In his first video, which has picked up over 15,000 views he demonstrates how to draw a clown.