‘Drone Alone’ Beats Banagher And John Lewis!


Following on from the previous years epic ‘Christmas Eve 2016‘ video, the boys at JJ Houghs Singing Pub in Co. Offaly once again have John Lewis ‘quaking in their boots‘.

The short video has got to be the best of the season so far – don’t believe us? In that case you need to see it for yourself!

The video shows community spirit in all it’s glory as the pub in Banagher, commits to flying a creamy pint of Guinness down the road on a drone to a local customer setting up for Christmas.

Yep – you read that right – the pint of Guinness FLEW across town on a drone to accompany the woman through festive spirit.


But how did they know she wanted a pint? Because she ordered it through her Instagram account… Yep. Modern times.

All in all the feel good advert will bring happiness, joy, laughter and tears to your eyes all in the one sitting.

If this is not a ‘what a time to be alive’ moment, we don’t know what is… Wonder will the concept catch on?

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