Dublin Company’s Covid Antigen Test Could Be Game Changer

Dublin Company's Covid Antigen Test Could Be Game Changer
Dublin company may hold key to Covid-19 freedom

Xpress Health, based in Leopardstown, Dublin 18 has developed a rapid antigen test that can produce Covid-19 tests results in a matter of minutes.

The tests which involve a high nasal swab just like the Covid-19 tests we’re used to here in Ireland aren’t just speedier. They’re also cheaper. At approximately €12 per test, if they can show a good level of accuracy, they could say the HSE an awful lot of money.

The EU has asked that all member countries submit plans for their Covid-19 testing strategy, going forward. The WHO has stated that long term, waves of lockdowns cannot be the way to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. Rapid testing would, the EU believes, help countries live with Covid-19 in a more sustainable way.

The EU Commission is giving €100 million to help member states to buy rapid antigen tests and to support the roll-out of rapid testing regimes across Europe. Irish company, Xpress Health is hoping to be at the forefront of any rapid testing programme here in Ireland.