Dublin Farmer Donie Expertly Cuts His Hair …. With Hand Shears!

Donie Anderson - Courtesy Facebook

A video of Dublin sheep-farmer Donie Anderson using remarkable skills in cutting his hair, using only a pair of traditional sheep shears has gone viral.

As the lockdown keeps barbers and salons shut in the battle to combat the spread of Covid-19, Donie took evasive action as he himself, hadn’t had a cut since last summer!

Filmed yesterday, Wednesday, April 8, Donie uses the large metal object and shears his lengthy locks in the company of his two sheepdogs, Bob and Jess.

Donie is a hill farmer in the Dublin Mountains, living on the open hills of Glenasmole, and is a well-known and popular sheep farmer; reknowned for his skills as a traditionalists in the art and skills of sheep shearing.

Donie was also recognised for his traditional sheep shearing skills when he was included in last year’s National Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

It took him all of four minutes to finish the job.