Dublin Fire Brigade Tackle Blaze At House After Car Set Alight


Photos below reveal firefighters attempting to quell an inferno as a house in north Dublin is engulfed in flames.

The blaze happened in the early hours of Saturday morning when a car that had crashed into the property was set alight in the Darndale / Belcamp area.

Kilbarrack and North Strand emergency crews sped to the scene of the inferno. Thankfully there was no one in the house and no injuries have been reported.

A source told Dublin Live that the car rammed into the house and was set on fire a fortnight ago but was put out at the time.

It was reported that the car was set ablaze again on Saturday at 1.30 am which resulted in neighbouring houses being evacuated.

According to Dublin Fire Brigade: “Firefighters from Kilbarrack and North Strand fought a fire in a house in Darndale overnight. The fire spread from a car outside the house.

“Firefighters managed to stop the spread of fire to the houses on either side. The house was unoccupied and there were no injuries.”