Dublin Football Star To Switch To Small Ball?


Diarmuid Connolly is a household name for his footballing talent, but to be fair, most would be living under a rock if they didn’t realise he is a prominent hurler too.

The Dublin football star had another stellar year in 2017, capturing an All Ireland title with the Dubs and going on to win the Dublin Senior Football Championship with his club side St Vincents.

Nonetheless, he also lined out at midfield for the St Vincents hurlers, who made their way to the county semi-final this year and previously lined out for the Dublin hurlers through Minor and U21 campaigns.

And then there were the rumours… was Connolly going to switch codes on the inter-county scene for 2018? Was his club-mate, new Dublin hurling manager, Pat Gilroy going to give him the call up?

Speaking with Eir sport ahead of the county final Connolly addressed the rumours saying he would love to play a bit more but the demands of football don’t allow it stating ‘that ship has sailed’.

And again, during a podcast with Hill 16 Army last week, the footballer admitted he had no plans to link up with the hurlers for the coming season, leaving that fate to his younger brother Thomas.

However, posting to Instagram this week, Connolly shared a photo of a hurl sitting under the Christmas tree, with the caption ‘Thanks Pat’.


The post has tongues wagging everywhere: Has Gilroy gifted Connolly a new hurl in the hope he will switch codes?

Rumours are rife, and many Dublin hurling fans are hoping there is some truth in them and it seems Connolly is also on the bandwagon…

But we reckon the 30-year-old probably came out on the wrong side of a lads Fifa session, the photo a post of penance, however, we never say never so it remains to be seen!

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Feature Image: Dublin GAA