Ever Dream About A Radio Station??


    Got this mail from Jim in Greystones today..

    Lay off the cheese before bed maybe??

    I had a dream last night where Radio Nova were running a competition similar to the Secret Santa you did at Christmas, except it was called the Secret Horse and if you found the horse, he gave you money.

    I spent hours looking for this horse- all of Dublin was going mad looking for him. Eventually it got dark so I gave up and went home. I was sitting at home when I heard someone open the front gate. I went to the front door to see who it was and a strange man walked towards me while waving goodbye to a friend who had just dropped him off. Then I noticed that instead of feet, he had hooves- he was the Radio Nova Secret Horse.

    It turned out that the horse was my long lost brother and he’d come home because some of your listeners wanted to kill and eat him for good luck. You’d been on the radio trying to convince people not to kill him, but they wouldn’t listen and now he needed some different magic to give them instead. We cut open an old mattress from the shed and a pile of leprechaun gold spilled out. I woke up just as we were trying to call you to tell you about the gold.

    Jim from Greystones.