Jane Hendrix Talks Jimi – “Jimi was the best big brother ever”



, Jane Hendrix Talks Jimi – “Jimi was the best big brother ever”With Jimi Hendrix almost topping the US charts last week with his “new” album, “People, Hell & Angels,” sister Jane took to the TV to talk about all things Jimi.

Jane, President and CEO of Experience Hendrix LLC, the family-run company that oversees the use of his music and image, shares memories of her brother and recounts how he helped come up with the title of this “new” album.

“’People, Hell & Angels’ really was a title that Jimi came up with,”explains Janie. “I was working on the lyric book so these are just like single pages of handwritten lyrice, or handwritten notes…some things could be on hotel stationery or a legal pad. When I was going through all these notes putting together the lyric book, then I just found this title that said ‘people, hell and angels.’

Watch Jane on NBC here!