Ex-PM Proven Verifiable Compulsive Liar Gets Handy Well-Paid Part-Time Gig

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson - GettyImages

After being exposed for misleading the UK parliament by its very own privileges committee for brazenly lying about covid-lockdown parties in December 2020, Boris Johnson has a new role as a journalist – for a considerable fee as well, by all accounts.

The former British prime minister — and now ex-MP — will return to his roots for a weekly column for the right-leaning Daily Mail.

According to reports, the new columnist will earn a “very-high six-figure sum” to write the column.

The upshot of all this one assumes is that it will a platform to the ousted PM Johnson, who viewed the Privileges committee’s findings as ‘deranged‘ a platform to rubbish his successor and the current Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, his bitter rival to whom ‘BoJo‘ is not enamoured.

The committee found that Johnson had committed five contempts of parliament.

The report found that he deliberately misled parliament; lied to the committee; breached the confidence of the committee; undermined the committee and the democratic process; and was complicit in a campaign of abuse and attempted intimidation of the committee.

Johnson gave up his Daily Telegraph slot in 2019 in his last incarnation as a ‘journalist.’

In a Daily Mail video promoting the hire, Johnson said the column — starting Saturday — was “going to be exactly what I think.

The Mail confirmed the news on Twitter on Friday, saying it is “delighted” to welcome “one of the wittiest and most original writers in the business”.

I may even have to cover politics — but I’ll obviously try to do that as little as possible, unless I absolutely have to,” he said.