Fire and Rescue Service Attend Kitchen Fire At Guy Ritchie’s London Pub


Another fire has broken out at a central London pub owned by director Guy Ritchie, the second in six months. Emergency services attended to the Lore of The Land pub in Conway Street, Fitzrovia on the morning of January 23rd.

As reported by The Sun, London Fire and Rescue Service confirmed they attended a fire at the property at around 11.20am. According to the paper, no injuries have been reported, although a blaze did break out on the top floor balcony. The fire was apparently contained to that area, with firefighters leaving the property after around 40 minutes. It is not known if Ritchie was in the property at the time.

Referring to the latest incident, one local resident said, “I heard some pops and thought it was fireworks going on outside, but when I went out to have a look; I saw the balcony on fire. My immediate thought was oh god it’s happening again, although after a short while it became clear that this blaze wasn’t as bad as the last one.”

The latest blast follows a similar incident which occurred at the property last summer, which is also believed to have started in the kitchen. Ten fire engines and around 70 firefighters tackled that blazing inferno for several hours. Although London Fire and Rescue Service confirmed they attended the latest blaze, they gave no further details.

Ritchie bought the Lore of The Land in 2018, before its opening last year, where he serves beer from his Gritchie Brewing Company. Luxury bar snacks are served downstairs, with an upstairs restaurant serving venison from his Wiltshire estate. The Gentlemen director also shares property with David Beckham, Notting Hill’s Walmer Castle, and previously owned a pub in Mayfair, The Punch Bowl, which he sold in 2013.

Ritchie is best known for his work in 2000’s Snatch, 2005’s Revolver, and the 1998 classic, Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels. However, the action director might prefer to keep fire and explosive scenes for the studios.