Former RTÉ Producer Outed By Vigilante Group As Paedophile Jailed For 10 Years

Kieran Creaven

A former RTÉ producer has been jailed for ten years for sexually assaulting and exploiting children, both here and abroad.

Kieran Creaven, of Adelaide Street in Dún Laoghaire, has already spent time in prison in England for grooming children online.

Kieran Creavan first came to Garda attention in 2017 when he was arrested in Leeds following a sting operation by a vigilant group called ‘Predator Exposure.’

He thought he was going to meet a teenage girl he had been chatting to on Facebook.

His arrest led to the discovery of two video clips on a memory stick, which showed him sexually abusing a young girl in the Philippines.

The Garda investigation also revealed explicit online chats he’d been having with children, especially on his social media platforms.

Outside court this afternoon, Detective Superintendent Barry Walsh, warned people that sex offenders use these platforms to groom their victims:

While social media represents an important role in our current society, its clear that there is inherent dangers and risks and I think its very important that people are aware of this particular circumstance.”

Judge Melanie Greally described Creavan’s behaviour as being “degrading in the extreme.”

She said he exploited and abused vulnerable children, some of whom were being used for financial gain. She then sentenced the 59-year-old to ten years in prison.