Former TV Presenter Has Insta Account Wiped After Posting Dangerous Debunked Rubbish

Aisling O'Loughlin via Twitter

The Instagram account of former TV presenter Aisling O’Loughlin has been pulled by Facebook for “repeatedly sharing harmful misinformation” about vaccines and Covid-19.

The one time presenter of Xposé is reported to have posted several false claims about Covid-19, public health measures and vaccines via the social media platform.

She had gained a cult following from like minded individuals after circulating a spree of anti-lockdown messaging including videos that appear to undermine the use of vaccines.

Since then some of her posts have been tagged with an advisory stating ’False Information’ after a series of debunked offerings regarding the virus.

Among those debunked claims she shared with her 27,000 followers were suggestions that Covid-19 vaccines are “experimental”, and that face masks contain “parasitic worms”.

Yesterday for example she posted a gratutiously offensive video, suggesting if the collapse of footballer Christian Eriksen on Saturday at Euro 2020 was related to the vaccine.

This is despite Eriksen never having had covid-19, or receiving a dose of the vaccine as verified by his club Inter Milan in Italy, which she dismissed out of hand in spectacular fashion.

Vaccines have been tested extensively by medical officials across the world and have proven highly effective in reducing the spread of Covid-19 and reducing deaths.