Gardai Respond To Shooting Spree Threat At Kildare Village


An armed gardai division responded to what was considered a viable shooting incident at Kildare Village over the weekend.

That’s after online gun threats were made against customers at the popular outlet.

Gardai sped to the shopping centre on Sunday evening after a social media account posted a photo of a knife and a gun.

The poster promised to shoot as many people as they could.

According to Dublin Live, officers took no chances and an intensive search of the area was immediately carried out.

The shopping village was soon given the all clear. The emergency response unit remained patrolling the area until 8pm that evening.

Superintendent Martin Walker said via KFM that there was no risk to the public. The decision to keep armed gardai at the scene was only precautionary.

According to a garda spokesman: “On the 2/2/2020 at approximately 4pm a number of Garda units attended at a Shopping Outlet in Kildare following a security alert.

“After an initial threat assessment, Gardaí determined that there was no danger to the public and no evacuation was necessary.

“The matter has since been deemed a hoax.”