Good Friday Just Got Better!

Hands of three men toasting with beer

The ban on pubs opening on Good Friday has been lifted. The Dáil approved the measure this afternoon.

It’s expected to be signed into law by the President before Good Friday this year.

That means alcohol can be sold this Good Friday for the first time in more than 90 years.

Laws banning pubs, clubs and off-licences from serving drink are no more on Good Friday after the measure was imbibed in Dáil session time today.

A new bill, which lifts a ban which has been in place since the foundation of the state, will be signed into law by President Higgins in time for Easter.

Minister David Stanton said attitudes in Ireland have changed and this move will have a positive impact for the economy.

“Tourism makes a much greater contribution to the economy, especially during holiday times like Easter”.

Many pub and restaurant owners have long called for a ban on them serving alcohol on Good Friday to be lifted.

During one call for the ban to be lifted, the Restaurants Association of Ireland pointed out that you can get a drink “within feet of the Vatican” on Good Friday.

Chief Executive Adrian Cummins called the ban “unacceptable and outdated” and warned that it had been damaging the tourism, restaurant and hospitality industries.

Last year, Senator David Norris said he wanted the ban to remain in place, arguing that Ireland “has a very, very, serious drinking problem, I think the last thing that we need is another day of drinking”.