Growing Numbers of Irish Radio Listeners Tuning in via Digital Devices

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3.2 million people listen to the radio every day via a digital device, new research has shown.

An Ipsos MRBI study has found that listening to FM in car or at home remains the most popular method of consuming radio content, but a growing number use smartphones or smart speakers.

Irish adults spend a total of 13.3 million hours listening to radio each weekday – which is over four hours per listener per day.

330,000 people are listening to the radio every day on a digital device, around 8% of the population.

Tuning in on FM in the car or at home remain the preferences for most – with 77% listening to radio in these ways.

The report shows that 20% of all adults have downloaded a radio station app to their smart device.

Damien Loscher from Ipsos MRBI says smart speakers could be the way forward for radio:

330,000 people is not a small number… is an enormous number of people listening to radio every day via a digital device.

That 8% jumps to 16% when you’re looking at younger people… younger people are a little bit faster to adopt these new technologies and new behaviours.

The wonderful thing about radio is it really is part of our lives, and we’re very slow to change it despite all the options and competition out there.”