Hard Work Pays Off As Stoneybatter Locals Install Own Defibrillator

Stoneybatter Defibrillator. Credit Kavanaghs Aughrim Street. Facebook.

A classic age-old Irish phonebox has been turned into a life-saving piece of equipment in Stoneybatter on the northside of the city of Dublin.

Local residents in the trendy locality have come together to work together to help to raise the neccessary funds to fit the village out with a defibrillator to provide a vital resource for anyone who suffers cardiac health-related concerns. A defibrillator delivers a dose of electric current, or a ”counter-shock”, to the heart.

People in the area are being encouraged to learn how to use a new life-saving piece of equipment.


The defibrillator on on Stoneybatter Green is now taking pride of place after residents raised sufficient money for its installation through a host of successful campaigns and events.

The installation of a defibrillator has been welcomed by local Dublin City Councillor Janice Boylan of Sinn Féin who lobbied for the facility.

She said by way of Facebook: “I welcome the decision to instal this life-saving equipment and I commend members of the local community, including Alan Ecock, who raised the need for it. I was happy to assist and to secure practical support from Dublin City Council. Well done to all concerned for this enhancement of the health and safety of our community.”

There is a launch for the defibrillator at The Heart of Stoneybatter @2pm on Saturday, 10th August, beside Kavanagh’s Pub, Stoneybatter.

Stoneybatter Defibrillator. Credit Kavanaghs Aughrim Street. Facebook.