Harris Prioritises Ridding ‘Inhumane’ Pro-Life Protestors From Hospitals


The Minister for Health is promising exclusion zones outside hospitals will be a “major priority” when the Dáil returns from its break in September.

They’re aimed at stopping protesters from demonstrating within a certain distance of where abortion services are being provided.

A pro-life group protested outside the National Maternity Hospital at Holles Street in Dublin last Saturday with three, white, baby-sized coffins.

Minister Simon Harris says it was “inhumane”.

“I think what happened in relation to Holles Street was pretty darn disgusting,” he said.

“There would have been women going in and out of that hospital who could have had a miscarriage, who could have been going in to get the devastating news of a diagnosis in relation to their much-wanted pregnancy.

“To have to walk by three coffins is inhumane, it actually is hard to put words on it.”