Hollywood Heavyweight Floored By Avalanche Of Allegations

REUTERS/Andrew Kelly

An Oscar-winning producer and one of the most powerful men in Hollywood has been sacked by his own company over claims he sexually harassed young actresses and employees.

Harvey Weinstein initially apologised for his behaviour, but is now denying reports he’s reached as many as eight settlements.

A growing number of women have made allegations going back decades. It’s after a New York Times report on Friday suggested that the man behind Pulp Fiction and Lord of the Rings had reached as many as eight settlements over the years.

The article last week detailed a number of alleged incidents involving the Oscar-winning producer sexually harassing young actresses and employees.

One was Ashley Judd who he invited to his hotel room and asked if he could give her a massage or she could watch him shower. Weinstein initially apologised for his behaviour, before his lawyer threatened to sue the paper.

As other allegations surfaced over the weekend, his Lawyer, Lisa Bloom, announced she’d stopped representing him, while President Donald Trump denied that there are any similarities with previous comments he’s made about women.

Rose McGowan, who reached a settlement with Weinstein in 1997, thanked the paper in a tweet – she said she was a girl hurt by a monster and called on women to fight on and men to stand up. Many men have done just that, with Mark Ruffalo calling Weinstein’s actions a disgusting abuse of power.

The scandal has sparked a twitter thread – when did you meet your Harvey Weinstein – which has seen thousands of people share their stories of sexual harassment.

Weinstein’s now been sacked from his own company which he ran alongside his brother.