How To Murder Your Husband Writer Found Guilty Of Murdering Her Husband

Nancy Crampton Brophy - How To Murder Your Husband - Pic -AP

The author of ‘How To Murder Your Husband‘ has been found guilty …. of murdering her husband.

71-year-old Nancy Crampton Brophy is a self-published novelist who wrote an essay by that title in 2011, detailing different ways to kill someone.

She’s been convicted of shooting her husband dead in the US state of Oregon, four years ago. She shot him in the back. Her defence team plans to appeal.

63-year-old Daniel Brophy was killed on 2 June, 2018, as he prepared for work at the Oregon Culinary Institute in Southwest Portland.

The prosecution said she had purchased the same make and model of the gun that was used in the murder, and believe that she had swapped out the barrel of the gun to make the weapon harder to trace.

The 11-year-old essay on murdering a husband went into detail about several ways for committing an untraceable killing and avoid getting caught.

However the judge Christopher Ramras ultimately excluded the essay from the trial, even as a prosecutor alluded to the essay’s themes without naming it after the accused took the stand.

In addition to the essay “How to Murder Your Husband,” Nancy Crampton Brophy had written another novel titled “The Wrong Husband.”

She has remained in custody since her arrest in September 2018 and is due to be sentenced on 13 June.