Huge Hike In Leaving Cert Recheck Requests


The State Examinations Commission has reassured those appealing their Leaving Cert results that it plans to issue their marks on time.

It comes after the number of Leaving Cert students seeking rechecks has surged by 75%!

1 in 6 Leaving Cert students have asked for a paper to be rechecked this year – that’s more than 9,000 students.

17,000 grades have been appealed – the highest number on record.

The ASTI says the increase is lined to changes aimed at speeding up the appeals process which followed a High Court case taken by a student last year:

Higher level Music is the subject with the biggest increase in appeals – which went from 164 appeals last year, to 479 – an almost 200 per cent increase.

While higher level biology was the most appealed subject, with almost 2100 students requesting rechecks.

The State Examinations Commission says that – despite the surge – it will be able to meet the new earlier deadline for rechecks, which is mid-September.