Ireland’s Mammoth Embrace of Covid Vaccines Is ”The Envy of Europe”

Covid - Vaccination queue

People aged 40 to 44 will be able to register online for a Covid vaccine on Wednesday.

44-year-olds can register on Wednesday, June 2nd and the portal will open to those a year younger on each subsequent day.

The HSE’s Chief Clinical Officer Dr Colm Henry expects the majority of that age group will be vaccinated by the end of June or into July.

He said the level of uptake and enthusiasm from the public around vaccination is “the envy of Europe“.

He said: “The uptake has been astonishing. Over 80 years of age, 90% of eligible people have taken it.

The 60-69 year olds… we were worried because it was only the AstraZeneca vaccine being offered. [But it’s] almost 90% uptake… and so on right down [the age groups].”