Irish Water Warns Of Stink In Ringsend Over Next Few Days


Irish Water is warning about potential smells in Ringsend over the next few days as maintenance work gets underway at the Wastewater treatment plant.

The company says the works are essential to reduce the risk of unpleasant aromas from the facility.

The Ringsend plant has been working over capacity for years, and has to process about 40% of the entire country’s wastewater. The facility serves the Greater Dublin Area and parts of Meath.

The plant has come under the spotlight in recent weeks following a number of overflows into Dublin Bay.

But Regional manager with Irish Water John O’Donoghue says there’s nothing to worry about this time.

According to the Environmental protection agency the Ringsend facility is designed to treat the wastewater for around 1.64 million people.

However figures say the load entering the plant comes from a population of more than 2 million.

Work has begun on a new €400m upgrade and extension to the plant. Mr O’Donoghue claims the project is progressing well.

Irish Water has apologised in advance for any potential odours that arise while the work is being carried out.

Image: Google Maps