Joe Perry Says There’s A Good Chance Of New Aerosmith Music!


Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry thinks that there is a high chance of a new record from the legendary rockers.

Antimusic reports that’s thanks to the success of their Las Vegas residency as it worked well for them instead of hitting the road.

Perry along with his bandmate Brad Whitford was speaking to Guitar Player Magazine. The pair were quizzed about the chance of the rock band recording a follow-up to their 2012 album “Music From Another Dimension!”

Whitford confirmed that the band has talked about it but maintained that it hasn’t gone beyond that:  “There’s been talk, but it’s just talk. It’s not like we’re sitting there and we’ve got 40 songs to cut.”

The co-lead guitarist continued:

“There’s not a lot of material on the table. But we could go in the studio and do something – do some covers, whatever. The key would be to keep it light and keep it fun. That’s what it’s supposed to be about, right?”

However, Joe Perry remained more hopeful, saying: “I think by playing together in this sort of situation, where we don’t have to get to a different city every night and be in a different venue, it’s going to open up some doors to us getting into a creative mode again.”

Perry signalled that a shift in their processes offered new opportunities:

“Just by changing the paradigm a little bit. So I actually think there’s a good chance something like a new record could come out of this experience.”

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