No Joke – There’s A Cup Of Tae Festival This Weekend!


Lads – what are we actually like here at all? There is an actual ‘Cup of Tae’ festival taking place on the Emerald Isle this weekend!

They say bank holidays are full of surprises and this one really is with this news! But what most people probably don’t know is that ‘Cup of Tae‘ is also the name of a traditional Irish reel.

Taking place from Friday, May 4th until Monday, May 7th the festival will honour a renowned Irish music player John ‘The Tae’ Gallagher and will kick off in Ardara.

The festival wishes to provide first class tuition on a number of instruments, starting with the fiddle and flute. Later hoping to incorporate more instruments, singing, dancing, recitation and storytelling. The folklore of each tune will be passed on alongside the tune.

If you’re looking for a traditional Irish weekend – you know where to go!