Keith Flint Mural Unveiled To Mark World Suicide Prevention Day


A mural marking the late Prodigy frontman Keith Flint has been unveiled in Hackney. This is to mark World Suicide Prevention Day 2021. Flint passed away in March 2019.

The artwork of the late singer was designed by the street artist Akse. Akse is also working in partnership with the music and mental welbeing festival Headstock.

The mural was funded by a Headstock-led Crowdfunder campaign that raised £10,650.

It is raising awareness for this years’ World Suicide Prevention Day tomorrow (Sept 10). It is also doing the same for the mental health support service, shout 85258.

A statement had previously said, “The purpose of the mural is to raise awareness of mental health text message support service, Shout 85258, and the charity’s logo and text support number will feature prominently on the artwork”. 

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“done Keef proud” – Howlett on Keith Flint mural

Keith Flint’s mural can be located on the side of the Hackney Co-operative complex at 62 Beechwood Road. This is also less than 100 yards from the site of the old Four Aces Club on Dalston Lane.

The Prodigy had played their first gig there in 1991.

“Respect to everyone for coming together to make this happen for a cause so close to us”, said the Prodigy’s Liam Howlett. “Akse has done Keef proud”. 

“Keith Flint was the original firestarter”, added Headstock’s co founder Atheer Al-Salim. “He was a true trailblazer in electronic music, and I was lucky enough to see him perform with The Prodigy on a number of occasions”. 

Al-Salim also added, “Off-stage, Keith struggled with his mental health, and he talked candidly about his ‘dark periods’. Tragically, this culminated in him taking his own life. We’ve created this mural to help remember Keith and ensure that his flame continues to burn brightly – but also to raise awareness of Shout 85258, and the incredible 24/7 text support service it provides”. 

“We hope that the mural will help anyone that sees it know that confidential support is just a text message away”. 

The Prodigy also marked the second anniversary of Keith Flint’s death back in March.