Landlord’s “Odd” Requests Leave People Outraged


The requests from a certain landlord have left people baffled and outraged.

A landlord advertising a room is hardly nationwide scandal. Given the current accomodation plight among many universities, with many students across Ireland for example, struggling to find places to live and many having to defer courses, such offers of rooms are like gold dust.

However, this particular advertisement for a room caught the eye of most people, thanks to the “odd” requests of the landlord.

“clean up after yourself”

The ad which has been also shared on Reddit read like this.

“I have a room for rent. In my apartment. It is a 3br. Rent includes one bedroom only! You will have access to the bathroom, but you must not shower after 8pm!”. 

“You may use my kitchen”. It also said that you “must clean up after yourself!“.

“You will need to provide your own toilet paper, you must provide your own soap and shampoo!”.

The landlord also said, “You will have to buy your own food! You will not be allowed to cook meat in my house as I am vegan!”.

“No music or TV will be allowed after 9.30pm”, the post also added. “Rent is $1,300 [€1,120] per month plus $75 [€64] if you want the wifi. Weekly room inspections will be done! To ensure you are being clean!”.

The landlord also said that pets are not allowed. The tenant is also not allowed have friends on the premises. If a friend is invited over to the house, they must remain in the tenant’s room and is not even allowed use the bathroom!

“Oh my god, where do I sign up” – People react on landlord’s requests

As expected, many people vented their frustrations over this advert online.

“All that for only $1,300 a month. Oh my God, where do you sign up?!”, one person wrote.

Another added, “I’m sad for anyone who is desperate enough to live here”. 

Would you like to live there? What are your thoughts on these rules made by the landlord?