Liam Gallagher Hits Back At ‘Burt’ Anderson’s Comments On Britpop


When Brett Anderson made comments that seemed to distance his band from the Britpop scene, it sparked a reaction from the Liam Gallagher.

According to reports, Anderson, who’s band were considered part of that scene, said in interview that the ’90s indie genre was a “laddish, distasteful, misogynistic, nationalistic cartoon.”

Anderson’s disparaging comments were aimed at lad bands including Oasis, describing them as “the singing plumbers”

Anderson then seemed to defend his position, “Well you know, I might have said that 25 years ago, but I’m not going to try and justify things I said a long, long time ago.”

Fed up with Anderson’s diatribe, Gallagher’s finally having his say on the subject. “Check this shit out regarding this Britpop nonsense,” he wrote on Twitter.

“I hear Burt out of Suede has said it was very laddish. See I disagree, I thought it was the opposite – I thought it was very BLOUSEY, which is why I distanced myself from it. LG x”

In response to questions from the fans, Gallagher went on to say that as far as he was concerned Oasis and The Verve were the best bands of the era. LG added that Blur only had two good songs (‘Beetlebum’ and ‘Lonesome Street’).

In response, to Gallagher’s view on Britpop, former Oasis guitarist Bonehead promised to bring his stilettos to their meeting next week, to which Liam replied: “Just open those six buttons on your shirt, you’ll be rite. Leave those high rise bad boys at home.”