LISTEN: Special Doc On Christy Dignam Coming Soon To Radio Nova!


Coming up this weekend on Radio Nova, we will be celebrating the life and career of the late singer Christy Dignam.

The Aslan frontman passed away a year ago today from a rare blood condition Amyloidosis, which he was diagnosed with in 2013. Dignam had been receiving palliative care for his illness in the months leading up to his death.

“unique stamp”

A month after his passing, Aslan released their last ever recording to featuring Dignam as a special tribute to the Dublin singer.

The band recorded a cover of ‘The Fields of Athenry’, which was produced by Joe Jewell and Stuart Gray, in honour of Dignam.

“Little did we know when we were in the studio, recording an Aslan version of the Fields of Athenry, that it would be our final time recording with Christy. “As usual he recorded an amazing vocal to the track and like so many cover songs that the band have recorded over the years, Christy put his own unique stamp on it”, guitarist Billy McGuinness said at the time.

Jewell also added: “Here is Christy doing another brilliant vocal on one of his favourite songs. “We wanted to share it with you all. We hope you all enjoy it and thanks for the amazing support”. 

Alan Downey also commented: “As we all know Christy loved the ballads and he has sung some brilliant versions of them throughout our years together. “This song is iconic to many people across the whole world and we really hope you enjoy our take on this classic song. “For it to be our last recording with Christy makes it even more special”. 

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A year on, here at Radio Nova, we will mark Dignam’s passing in a very special way, with a special documentary, This Is Christy Dignam coming up at 5pm tomorrow, presented by our very own Dee Woods.