Man Accused of Murdering Wife Also Accused Of Threatening To Murder Son

Criminal Courts Of Justice

The jury in the trial of a man accused of murdering his wife has heard from their son, who claims he tried to stab him too.

Alan Ward is accused of murdering his wife Catherine in her bedroom in the early hours of March 1st 2019.

Ward, of Greenfort Drive, Clondalkin, Dublin, is also accused of threatening to kill his son.

Their second eldest son, Adam, said he heard a bang and remembers his brother coming into his room to tell him he thought their father had stabbed their mother.

When he went to investigate, he said he saw his father at the doorway pushing downwards. “Obviously, it was him stabbing her,” he said.

When he confronted him, he said he saw a small blade in his hand. He claims his father then threatened to kill him and lunged at him with the knife.

Adam described being “confused” and “shocked” as he ran down the stairs with his father behind him, repeatedly saying he was going to kill him.

54-year-old Ward, who has pleaded NOT guilty to murdering his wife and also denies threatening to kill Adam as well as a charge of trying to stab him.