Man Jailed For Ten And A Half Years For Abusing Partner


A man convicted of coercively controlling, and assaulting his partner for almost 2 years, has been sentenced to 10 and half years in prison. 53 year old, Daniel Kane is the first person to be convicted of coercive control, following his trial.

During their 20 month relationship, Mr Kane repeatedly attacked the woman. He punched her, burned her foot, and cut her with a pizza slicer. He also headbutted her in the face, while she was recovering from nasal surgery. He also stamped on her arm, causing her multiple fractures. The poor woman became, “submissive, meek and fearful”, such was the level of abuse she was subjected to.

Mr Kane always persuaded the woman, that it would not happen again. He continued to assault her. He also isolated her from friends and family as well as subjecting her to public humiliations.

It started in 2018, when the woman was looking for accomodation. She was introduced to Mr Kane and their relationship began.

The court also heard how Mr Kane also subjected the woman to mental and verbal abuse. He used aggressive language towards her as well as make demeaning comments.

The court also heard how on one occasion, Mr Kane stamped on her head. He left finger marks on her throat. Mr Kane threatened to send explicit images of his partner to her family if she did not withdraw the charges.

Victim impact statement:

The victim’s impact statement was read out in court. The court heard how the victim was “walking on eggshells” waiting for the next violent assault. She also stated that her former partner had “sucked the life and soul of confidence” from her. She even said that she attempted suicide on several occasions, as she “didn’t want to give the satisfaction” of him doing it.

She hailed Women’s Aid as “amazing”. She said she would probably be “dead or in a vegetative state” if it had not been for them, Gardaí and doctors.

Mr Kane pleaded guilty to a separate charge of attempting to pevert the course of justice. He admitted trying to force the plaintiff to withdraw the charges against him.

Judge Elma Sheahan sentenced Mr Kane to 12 and a half years in prison. The last two years were suspended on strict conditions. This includes that he must follow the directions of the probation service for two years post release.

Chief Superintendent, Finbar Murphy also warned offenders of domestic violence to get help and stop the abuse as they will be prosecuted.