Massive Collective Embrace By Young Irish Of The Vaccine Is The Envy Of The World

Covid Vaccination

Ireland is on course to have the highest take up of COVID-19 vaccines among young people in the world according to a leading expert.

Over 30,000 people received their vaccine at various walk-in vaccination centres over the long weekend.

Bank Holiday Monday saw the highest intake of the all-important vaccine at various centres, with approximately 11,000 people.

The HSE also says it may open them again owing to the demand. There was also an option for people who were registered, but had not yet got an appointment, to get a vaccine at the centres.

Trinity College Professor Luke O’Neill says all the credit in the world has to go to the younger people who got up to queue.

I haven’t stopped smiling, that’s amazing. I think we can be very proud of the young people, to be honest.

They want their lives back, that’s the bottom line, and they also want to help their community.

We may turn out to be the best in the world in that age group, it looks like, based on those numbers.

If those numbers continue, Ireland will have the highest vaccination rate in those younger people – wouldn’t that be a great thing to claim?

Get a teenager up out of bed at 6am to queue up for something – it’s normally for tickets for a music festival.

They were queueing up for a vaccine, it’s just remarkable, I thought that was fantastic“.