Metallica Bassist’s Wife Creates Special T-Shirt For Musicians Without Borders


In partnership with Los Angeles-based artist and fashion designer Chloe Trujillo, Musicians Without Borders has announced a special edition T-shirt.

To honour two decades making music as well peacebuilding, MW and Chloe Trujillo collaborated to produce a limited-edition t-shirt inspired by the slogan, “War Divides, Music Connects”. All proceeds going to music outreach programs in wartorn and post-conflict areas.

borders, Metallica Bassist’s Wife Creates Special T-Shirt For Musicians Without Borders

Chloe Trujillo who is married to Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo is known for her adventurous and sophisticated art. In 2018 she devised a guitar strap for Musicians Without Borders as part of a project forThe Guitar Strap Co. Artist Collaboration. Chloe spoke of her commitment to Musicians Without Borders through her custom t-shirt design.

“To me, music and art are the most powerful healing tools. The t-shirt design comes directly from selecting elements from one of the guitar straps I designed called ‘Magic’. The dove on the front is a well recognized global symbol for peace, purity, and love, and the back design consists of a sacred heart with the eye and sun and moon connected. I chose these specific elements for their symbolism and meaning, for they are harmonious with the idea of connection and unity. The sun and moon represent the never-ending circle of life. One emits light while the other reflects it, just as music brings light created by the musicians who create it.”

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