Metallica Track Saves A Canadian Woman From A Cougar Attack!


A song from Metallica “Don’t Tread on Me” saved a woman from a close encounter with a wild animal.

A report from Fox News said the 45-year-old, Dee Gallant from Vancouver was indebted to the heavy metallers for saving her life after she used their song “Don’t Tread on Me” to scare off a cougar on a lonely logging road.

Dee was out walking in Duncan in British Columbia on the evening of July 23rd with her 8-year-old husky retriever Murphy. When they were about a mile into their hike,  suddenly they became aware of something watching them.

Dee said within moments she noticed a cougar standing about 50 feet in front of them. Gallant reported that she was unable to identify what type of animal it was at first, due to the shock:

“I looked over to the right and there it was, I couldn’t make it out at first and thought, ‘Oh that is a strange colour, that’s not a tree.’”

Hoping to scare it off, Gallant waved her arms and yelled, ‘Hey, you, stop!’ at the animal. The cougar remained transfixed, its eyes following her and Murphy.

At first, she said she didn’t feel scared and can recall thinking about how amazing to spot a cougar, but it wasn’t long before this thought turned into ‘Oh my god, it’s coming toward me, I need to make it stop.”

, Metallica Track Saves A Canadian Woman From A Cougar Attack!

It was at that point that Gallant used her phone to record what was really going on and even yelled at the big cat, telling it to “Get out of here” and “bad kitty”

The animal apparently didn’t respond and just stayed focused on them. At the point when it seemed to be getting really interested, she decided to stop recording.

, Metallica Track Saves A Canadian Woman From A Cougar Attack!

From out of options on her phone she opened her phone’s music library, looking for a track she felt would sound the most ferocious, “Don’t Tread On Me” by Metallica. She turned the music up to full volume. “As soon as he heard the first note, he bolted. He was just gone.”

She added, “I thought it was perfect because it gives him the message that I want to send, and it’s a really intimidating-sounding song,”

She said the whole scary incident only lasted about five minutes but for the rest of her hike, she played the song until she made it to safety.

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