Metallica’s James Hetfield Shows off His Classic Car Collection


Metallica fan? Want to SEE rather than HEAR some of James Hetfield’s creations?? It involves travel to LA or just a look online above at a new video giving us a tour of his car collection.

Hetfield donated his collection to the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles last year, with the vehicles going on display earlier this year.

Most of us who have a classic car buy them as they are but Hetfield instead built his from scratch, channeling creativity often reserved for his music into the production of what have been described as rolling sculptures.

“Reclaimed Rust to me means that, I think an old guitar is sitting there with songs still in it, waiting for someone to pick it up and breathe life into it again,” Hetfield says in the video. “I’ve done that with many of these cars. I have seen cars sitting in a field in Kansas and thinking, ‘They’ve got a story to tell still. Let’s bring this thing back to life!'”

A book about Hetfield’s cars, Reclaimed Rust: The Four-Wheeled Creations Of James Hetfield, will be released in late July.

“Reclaimed Rust! My art book of cars that over the last few decades I’ve been building and put together,”Hetfield says in an unboxing video on Metallica’s YouTube channel.

The 192-page book comes both in a standard edition as well as a limited edition. The limited edition version box sets are signed and numbered, feature a leather cover and come with a metal car plaque, towel, keychain and lithographs.

You can pre-order the limited edition version here, and the regular version here.