Netflix Finally Reveal Its Viewing Figures

© Netflix - Narcos

Netflix will finally publish its viewership figures on a weekly basis, in what’s being described as a significant move for streaming data-transparency.

Before now, the streaming giant was slow to reveal viewer numbers, even described as a secretive organisation, often just providing the figure for the number of views on the first two minutes of a programme.

It’s the site that introduced the world to the phrase ‘Netflix and Chill‘ and now it’s now to publish its viewing figures, on a weekly basis for the first time ever.

They’ll also be audited by EY (Ernst & Young) to head off critics who’ve argued self-reported figures from Netflix in the past were meaningless.

Nonsense. BS. Cherry Picked. Unaudited. We’ve had a lot of feedback about our metrics over the years,” Pablo Perez De Rosso, vice-president of content strategy told the Financial Times “This is an important step forward for Netflix, the creators we work with and our members.”

Irish film critic and broadcaster John Fardy says it’s significant ”Unlike traditional tv viewing figures or anything like that, advertisers and sponsors had to know how many people were watching things but with Netflix’s different model that wasn’t neccessary.

In this week’s global rating, Narcos: Mexico comes out on top with over 50 million hours of views, Squid Game notched up almost 43 millions while Joe Goldberg secured 33.7 million hours.

The streaming figures will be released every Tuesday from now on the streaming services new website.