LISTEN: New Documentary On The Trashcan Sinatras On Radio Nova!


Radio Nova, has aired a new documentary will be aired focusing on the Scottish band, The Trashcan Sinatras.


The band who were formed in Irvine on the west coast of Scotland in 1986, are renowned for albums such as, Cake, I’ve Seen Everything, and Weightlifting. 

Presented by Ken Sweeney, the documentary will see guitarist John Douglas head back to Shabby Road in Kilmarnock, former music studio of The Trashcan Sinatras.

Douglas will also play acoustic guitar as he performs a few covers of classic Trashcan tracks. Other bandmembers including, Frank Reader and Paul Livingstown will also tell their stories on this documentary.

Douglas can also be heard saying in the programme. “There’s a bunch of people out there that get a lot of our music”.

Livingstown also says: “The only thing left to show for all your years of effort is not the stories of silliness, it’s the actual music”.

The Trashcan Sinatras’ Documentary

As mentioned, this documentary on The Trashcan Sinatras will be directed by Ken Sweeney.

Sweeney himself is also renowned for working on RTÉ docs REM Out Of Athens, In Search
Of The Blue Nile, and 2023 Radio Nova doc The Go-Betweens & The Irish

This documentary which is one of several series’ hosted by Nova, will also look back on the 35 year career of the band.

“I’m staggered that no one has made a radio documentary about The Trashcan Sinatras before.  The stories the band told me in this programme blew my mind, as did the opportunity to turn it into a soundscape of their beautiful music with the help of Grammy nominated engineer Billy Farrell and Radio Nova”, Sweeney stated.

He also added, The Trashcan Sinatras are great company, and their stories will have you laughing and reminiscing”. 

“As a Trashcans fan, I’m one of those people. It’s lovely to give something back, to create a radio programme about them, please share it with your friends”.