New Pearl Jam Album Speculation Grows With Huge ‘Gigaton’ Billboards


Speculation about the release of the next studio record from the Seattle legends is mounting, although no official word just yet.

Pearl Jam started a cryptic social media campaign recently with what UCR describes as “an augmented reality scavenger hunt.” On the rockers’ website, there’s an interactive map that gives coordinates to cities around the world.

When die-hard fans paid a visit to those locations they found huge billboards that feature the group’s name within a heart rate monitor pulse.

Written across the display is the word “Gigaton” which is the measurement for the melting of polar ice caps. There is also a hyper-real image of nature that many believe to be an album cover.

When one looks at the image through the Gigaton Instagram filter one can hear a brief, ambient audio clip and we see an animation of melting ice caps.


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What makes a work of art timeless? This is obviously a very subjective question, but I want to share my personal take on this topic through my photos. To me, my work is timeless because what I photograph is not timeless at all. When I am shooting, I am looking to capture a unique moment that will never occur again. The animals and places in my work are not promised tomorrow, and it is my mission to capture their elegance and grace to be preserved in time. My photos depict the delicate pieces to the larger picture of a troubled planet. Always remember that hope is not lost, and it is through my work that I wish to inspire, uplift and provoke change in these unique times. Visit the link in my bio to explore all of my fine art. To learn more, please contact Lauren at [email protected].

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This interactive experience comes after a lot of social media activity, with the rockers recently sharing a whole host of abstract images.

Despite these teases, the band have yet to officially confirm any details of an album title, tracklist or release date.

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Pearl Jam recently announced a European tour for June and July, and guitarist Stone Gossard told Rolling Stone in January 2019 that the band were presently crafting their latest record. “We’re just going to keep plugging away until we get one done,” he said.

Photographer Paul Nicklen, known for his arctic wildlife photography, seems to be behind the Gigaton image.