New Tech Jobs In Louth And Dublin


There’s good news on the jobs front in Louth and Dublin today.

25 new roles – in customer success, software engineering and development – are available in Drogheda in Aphix Software – which provides digital ordering systems for online retailers.

Aphix Sortware was started in 2012, initially as just as a business to business ecommerce software but has grown into that business-to-consumer business as well. The company’s aim is to help wholesalers reduce costs, enhance customer experience and scale globally.
Meanwhile Irish Manufacturing Research is creating 40 jobs with the opening of its Dublin Technology Centre. These will be high tech roles in robotics, data analytics and 3D manufacturing.

CEO Barry Kennedy says they’re confident they’ll go to graduates of Irish universities:

“Ireland is very well positioned with the types of graduates we have coming out of university though some of these types of job  we are creating are only new to the market so were working very closely with our university partners in terms of developing our graduates and post graduate to meet the growing need of these new emerging skills as they’re emerging”


IMR was set up following a €15m investment funded by Enterprise Ireland and the IDA. They have been receiving funding from private research funding. The centre’s role is to collaborate with manufacturers here on research and development of the technology industry in Ireland; with this they are addressing the emerging sectors of 3D printing, collaborative robotics and internet of things.

Photo Cred: Rachel Johnson