Have You Heard About New Band Youth Of The Apocalypse?


Formed by members of Gorillaz and Klaxons, new band Y.O.T.A have announced news of their debut gig.

The band unveiled the first line-up photo on their Twitter and Instagram.com accounts yesterday.

Klaxons’ Jamie Reynolds, Gorillaz guitarist Jeff Wooton and Gorillaz bass player Seye Adelekan, drummer Jay Sharrock, DJ Twiggy Garcia and New York rapper Young Lazurus, have gotten together to form Y.O.T.A.

The six piece are playing their first show at the Great Escape festival in Brighton tomorrow (May 19th). They will be onstage at the Hope N Ruin at 10.30pm.

Wootton and Reynolds spoke about the exciting project in an interview last November, saying that they were planning to release music in 2017.

“We’re taking different backgrounds and cultures and trying to push music forward,” said Wootton.

He opened up about the good chemistry the band share and said it’s the perfect time for their new project “considering what’s going on in the world now”.

The project has come about really quickly but Wootton sees that as a positive saying, “You think of great bands like The Smiths and it’s always fast. This has certainly been like that. It feels like something’s bubbling.”


Meanwhile, Gorillaz will make their return to the live arena this summer. The band announced their own Demon Dayz Festival recently which will take place at the Kent theme park Dreamland in Margate on June 10. The full line-up is still to be announced.

Gorillaz will also play their first North American Show for seven years in July.

Photo Credit: Katie Dervin