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Gorillaz Plan To Release Another New Album Next Year

David Layde
Gorillaz released their highly-anticipated album Humanz back in April, and in the autumn the Albarn-Hewlett project debuted a single titled ‘Garage Palace.’ In a recent...

Macca, U2 And Gorillaz Release Records For Black Friday

David Layde
Paul McCartney, Gorillaz and U2 are among those with exclusive releases for Record Store Day's annual Black Friday event today. Macca’s festive...

The GORILLAZ Have Announced An Outdoor Gig in Ireland!

Cíara Spain
Following the release of the Gorillaz first album in seven years, they have only gone and announced their return to the...

Have You Heard About New Band Youth Of The Apocalypse?

Formed by members of Gorillaz and Klaxons, new band Y.O.T.A have announced news of their debut gig. The band unveiled the first...

Damon Albarn And Noel Gallagher On What Liam Thinks Of...

Former Blur frontman, Damon Albarn has recruited everyone from Mavis Staples to Noel Gallagher for Gorillaz new offering, Humanz. In a recent...

On This Day In Music: Gorillaz’s Jamie Hewlett Was Born

Co-creator of the virtual band Gorillaz, Jamie Hewlett celebrates his 49th birthday today. Brought up in Sussex, Hewlett started his career with Deadline magazine. Deadline was set up in 1988 by Brett Ewins and featured a mixture of comic strips produced by British creators, and articles on music and culture. Martin and Hewlett with his friend, Alan Martin, created Tank Girl, an anarchic strip about a teenage punk girl who drove a tank and had a mutant kangaroo for a boyfriend. The strip was a hit and quickly became the most talked about part of Deadline. Hewlett's eccentric style proved popular and he started to work with bands such as Senseless Things and Cud providing covers for record releases; he also contributed artwork sporadically to Commodore User magazine.

On This Day In Music: Damon Albarn Was Born

Birthday Boy Damon Albarn celebrates his 49th birthday today! The Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer was born on this day in...

Weekend Round Up – Chuck Berry Has Passed Away

Off the Grid this weekend and missed out on all the latest music news? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s...

Noel Gallagher Open To Working On Gorillaz Album

Noel Gallagher has recently said that he is open to working with Gorillaz on their new album. The band which is...

Liam Gallagher Slags Noel Over Gorillaz Cover

It appears that Liam and Noel Gallagher are at it again, this time it's Liam calling out Noel for his cover...

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