Noel Gallagher Has Slammed The Sexualisation Of Female Artists

Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher has hit out at the sexualisation of female artists.

Gallagher slammed Miley Cyrus’ recent performance at the MTV Video Music Awards and blamed American culture on sexualising female artists.

Gallagher told the Daily Star: “That god awful woman Miley Cyrus was on and she was doing some f****** s*** and even my nine year old said, ‘Why is the cameraman just filming her legs?’

He added: “Women have been sexualised because of America, British culture would never sexualise a female.”

“This has all come from America – that juvenile, jock, stupid f****** culture.”

Earlier this month the Oasis guitarist came under fire for refusing to wear a mask complaining that it is a violation of his liberty.

Gallagher was in conversation on Matt Morgan’s podcast and said: “It’s not a law. There’s too many f**king liberties being taken away from us now … I choose not to wear one. If I get the virus it’s on me, it’s not on anyone else … it’s a piss-take. There’s no need for it … They’re pointless.”

Boris Johnson has announced today (22nd September) that the wearing of face coverings has been extended to staff in retail, people in taxis and everyone using hospitality services.

Fines for not wearing a face covering will now double to £200 for a first offence.