Noel Gallagher Teases New Music With A Cryptic Message!


Noel Gallagher has fueled speculation that new music from the Mancunian bard is set to drop imminently.

Gallagher shared a Tweet that seems to be a sample of some new lyrics or as the NME ponders, could be a song or album title. The Tweet says: “Nature is dancing but we ain’t done yet”. Many fans believe that new music is on the way.

Pete Townshend, frontman with The Who, told the press that Noel was working on new material with producer Dave Sardy.

The producer had previously worked on Gallagher’s eponymous debut record with the High Flying Birds back in 2011. Sardy also oversaw projects with Oasis on ‘Don’t Believe The Truth’ in 2005 and ‘Dig Out Your Soul’ in 2008.

Noel told media outlets that he was working on a new “’70s disco’ album with David Holmes. The musician and producer was at the helm on Noel’s last record Who Built the Moon?.

Liam Gallagher was quick to slag off his brother when news surfaced that Noel was working with Sardy.

Writing on Twitter calling Noel a ‘little mug’ for evidently returning to a major label for the album after dropping his first three records on his own independent platform, Sour Mash.

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