Nugent Blasts Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame For Including ABBA & Others


In a change of pace from his anti-vaccine rhetoric, Ted Nugent has blasted the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for including ABBA, Grandmaster Flash, Madonna and others as inductees.

“don’t take it personal”

Nugent claims that he has not been inducted because the Hall of Fame are “dishonest” and “rotten”.

He also added that he does not “take it personal”.

“Why am I not in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame? That has a lot to do with the fact that you can’t always explain why people are rotten”, Nugent said in a recent interview with KNAC. “Why do some people violate other people and commit vicious crimes and lie?”.

“I think I’m in the ultimate Hall Of Fame. I went on stage a couple days in Abilene [Texas] with a great man Tim Montana. The Tim Montana band opened up for ZZ Top to a packed house in Abilene. Tim Montana says, ‘We learned ‘Cat Scratch Fever’. Come up and play it with us”, Nugent continued.

“I asked Billy Gibbons if that was okay to do, and he said, ‘Oh yeah. I’d love to hear that.’ They introduced me and the audience went berserk. So don’t tell me what my Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame is. I’m in the ultimate Hall Of Fame with real and true lovers of my music! There’s nothing more important than that”.  

I wasn’t “offended” – Nugent

While insisting that he was not “offended” over his omission, Ted Nugent did question the inclusion of several artists in the Hall.

“Why isn’t a band like Triumph in there, but Grandmaster Flash is?! That’s just dishonest”, he claimed.

“Why are Patti Smith, ABBA and Madonna in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, but not STYX?! Are you kidding me?!”, Nugent continued.

“You can only explain that is that the people who made those decisions are just plain rotten people. The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame should genuflect to Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, the Motown Funk Brothers. Are you kidding me?! How dare you put Grandmaster Flash, ABBA and Madonna in that?!”. 

“So much fun that it’s stupid”

Ted Nugent also insisted that he is not bitter over his omission stating “I’m not angry that I’m not in there because I’m having so much fun that it’s stupid”.

He also shared an insight into his upcoming album, calling it a “flamethrower of fun”. 

“I have a new album called ‘Detroit Muscle’ which is another authoritative, rhythm and blues rock and roll album from the Motor City. I’m surrounded by guitars and amps and I play with a bunch of killer musicians. My music is a flamethrower of fun, positive energy and piss and vinegar. That’s the ‘real’ Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, since the people who run the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame have been dishonest”. 

“It would be an honour to be part of an institution that celebrates the founding fathers of rock and roll, like Chuck, Bo, Little Richard, James Brown and going back to Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters and Sam & Dave and Wilson Pickett. I would be honoured to share that. What a middle finger to the ‘real’ heroes of rock and roll and rhythm and blues to put in those other people. Grandmaster Flash?! Really?! Why don’t we go down to Chuck Berry’s grave and piss on it!!! Are you kidding me?! That’s not a Ted Nugent presumption; that’s not an opinion… The evidence is overwhelming”.