Nurse Sentenced To Death For Killing And Cooking Doctor Who Blackmailed Her Into Sex

Credit: Yulin Intermediate People's Court

A nurse in China has been sentenced to death for serious theft and intentional homicide. Twenty-five-year-old Li Fengping murdered, dismembered and cooked her colleague before attempting to flush his remains down the toilet.

Li Fengping, who worked in First People’s Hospital, Yulin city, killed Dr Luo Yuanjian while he was sleeping on March 20th.

Police arrived at Li’s rental property in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, to discover the grisly scene. Neighbours captured the moment authorities left Li’s home carrying a stretcher, covered by a sheet to hide the remains. The shocking incident took place in the nurse’s rental home behind Yulin People’s Hospital, on March 23rd.

According to local police, Li had disputes over debts, as well as a relationship, with her hospital’s deputy head of orthopaedics, Dr Luo Yuanjian. After killing her colleague, Li stole a significant amount of money from Luo and she was detained on March 23rd.

Li became heavily indebted to her colleague as a result of a gambling addiction. Dr Luo forced her to pay him off with sex, “sometimes three times per week,” reports say.

Li carried out her revenge for alleged sexual blackmail by killing her colleague and cooking parts of his body. Police found the emergency nurse had also attempted to flush her victim’s remains down the toilet to hide her crime.

According to their official WeChat account, Yulin Intermediate People’s Court of Guangxi made a first-instance verdict on the case.

The price for killing her colleague:

On Friday, Yulin Intermediate People’s Court sentenced Li Fengping to death for the killing of her colleague, Luo and committing serious theft. Fengpin was given a fine of 30,000 yuan (€3,846). Additionally, Li must also return 98,000 yuan (€12,563.60) to the victim’s family for compensation.

There is no confirmed date for when the death sentence is due to be carried out.