Octogenarian Philomena Begley And Nathan Carter Prove Easy Bedfellows

Philomena Begley - Nathan Carter

A new viral video shows the tireless ‘Queen of Silver Dollar‘ herself, ‘the so-called ‘Queen of Country’ 80-year-old Philomena Begley in bed with country star Nathan Carter.

In it, Nathan warbles his new track ‘The Morning After The Night Before‘ where Tyrone tyro Philomena, playing a taxi driver picks up a piqued Carter from a bar.

Innocence is then lost to lust as a bedraggled Nathan loses his fare so the sharp as a tack Philomena gives a little wink before driving off into the starry night with the younger man.

Next viewers are treated to topless Nathan waking up to discover that he is in bed with Philomena. All a bit of harmless fun as the country music generations in Ireland continue to co-exist very harmoniously.

The video was shot in Daly’s Bar, Dungannon, Co Tyrone, which is owned by Philomena’s son, Aidan Quinn, who also has a cameo role in the video as he escorts Nathan to the taxi.